My dog passed away 2 weeks ago.  I have to be very careful with the dogs that become a member of my family.  I'm highly allergic to a lot of animals, and the older I get the worse it gets.  I've been to shelters, cruised the internet, called every "pet" store in town,  and it comes down to being able to have just one kind of a dog.  That, for me, is a Yorkie.  I'm over going to the shelters and falling in love with dogs I can't have.  It makes me really sad.

Riddle me this, Billings, why is it such a crime to sell dogs in stores?  I get what your goal is.  We all want shelter dogs to have homes.  Instead of forcing me to adopt a shelter dog, which I always try first, you are forcing me into not having a dog at all.  I love having pets.  They add so much to the quality of life.  Now, however, you are forcing me to go to another town to get my pet.  That's appalling.

Tell me, what dog have you saved by doing this?