I recently took a cross country drive from Billings to Spartanburg, South Carolina.  I don't mind hours in the car, but not all states are created equally when it comes to scenery.  I typically dread the long stretch of I-90 from Billings to Sioux City, Iowa.  Not a lot going on in South Dakota.

On this trip though, I decided to stop in Mitchell.  My mom was the one who told me that it's worth exiting off the interstate to check out the Corn Palace.  I'm not sure what I was picturing, but just the thought of getting off the road and stretching the legs was worth it to me even if the Corn Palace was just a roadside stand selling cans of creamed corn.  Turns out, that wasn't the case.  This is actually an impressive structure in a very friendly, picturesque town.

If you ever make that journey, you probably already have the famous Wall Drug marked as a stop, but I definitely recommend adding Mitchell, South Dakota to the list.  Lots of great restaurants and you'll likely not encounter any more Corn Palaces in your lifetime.

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