The Irish have a hard earned reputation for enjoying a pint or two of bitters. They'll use pretty much any excuse to drink (sounds like Montana). It's Tuesday... "time for a pint!" You get the idea. Their history is long and colorful. The first written record of Irish whiskey dates back to the early 1400's and the first known Irish Pub opened in 1198. These people know how to get their drink on!

That's why it came as such a shock to me that, according to the World Health Organization, the Irish only rank 14th on the list of alcohol consumption per capita. Hell, even when it comes to beer the emerald isle comes in 4th behind adult libation luminaries such as the Czech Republic (tip o' the hat), Palau and the Seychelle Islands. What the hell went wrong! The O'Leary's and Fitzpatricks of the world used to be the undisputed champs.

You know what this means Ireland? After a blurry-eyed national year of mourning and I suggest you challenge the Czech Republic to a challenge... whichever country finished 2014 as the #2 consumer of lagers and ales should have to drink nothing but the national brew of the other. I have faith in the Irish that they'll do anything to avoid having to drink nothing but Pilsner Urquell for all of 2014. If you should lose this bet may St. Patrick have pity upon your souls.

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