Thinking Back to My First Drink
I saw something on Facebook claiming that if you survived drinking Annie Green Springs, you are immune to the COVID-19. While this is most likely not true, I think that you should not get your medical advice from this particular source.
To Drink or Not to Drink
I have to ask, because I honestly don't know. How many of you are planning on going drinking on St. Patrick' Day? Is it because you are actually Irish? Or is it because you don't miss an opportunity to "Day Drink?" I like beer. And, I like going out for a beer...
A National Disgrace In Ireland
The Irish have a hard earned reputation for enjoying a pint or two of bitters. They'll use pretty much any excuse to drink (sounds like Montana). It's Tuesday... "time for a pint!" You get the idea. Their history is long and colorful. The first written record of Irish whiskey dates back to the early 1400's and the first known Irish Pub opened in 1198...
How You Know When You’ve Drank Too Much
First, let me say I don't mean alcohol. The title and the picture are a tad misleading but at lunch today I must've drank the equivalent of a Super Big Gulp of soda. Now when I walk down the hall I can hear the liquid sloshing around back in forth in my stomach...
‘Stay Sober’ Pill In Development
A pill that eliminated all the effects alcohol on lab rats may one day be available to humans. Researchers fed the rodents — who react to alcohol similarly to how people do — the new drug after having them consume enough booze to stumble and fall down. Then they measured the rodents for balance and reflexes, finding that the rats on the drug tested as if they were still sober.
Taste of Country Counts Down the Top 100 Drinking Songs
Even if you're drinking alone, you'll never be lonely with a good drinking song at your side. Taste of Country recently counted down their pick of the Top 100 drinking songs in country music -- and whether your drink of choice be whiskey or beer, or your preference be the Dixie Chicks over Toby Keith, this list has it all. The Top 100 drinking songs list tips a hat to seasoned drinkers like Merle