Thinkstock[/caption]Coming from a Law Enforcement family, I'll be the first to say that breaking the law is not a good idea. For every action there is a consequence, we all know that. However, in certain situations, shouldn't there be a little leeway? How about in a life or death situation?

An Illinois man is filing complaint against the Illinois State Police because he and his son were pulled over and ticketed for speeding. Here's the catch though. The son was speeding to the hospital because his father was have a heart attack. He was doing 82 in a 55 in case you were wondering. At first he thought the trooper could help him. Instead, the trooper wrote his son a $1500 ticket and then called an ambulance for help.

After receiving the complaint, Illinois State Police issued the following statement:

"Mr. O'Neil's recollection of what was said appears to be accurate. The officer was uncertain if this was a true medical emergency during the initial encounter based on his observations of Mr. O'Neil. Upon further conversation between Mr. O'Neil and the officer, an ambulance was called to the scene according to protocol within minutes of the time of the stop."

What do you think? Should the trooper had let them go with a warning and/or escort or did this trooper do the right thing? How would you react if this happened to you right here in Billings?

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