Today is significant for our family. It was ten years ago today that my little sister passed. I wanted to share some of the good memories that she left in the short forty-three years with us.

Michelle Wilson followed the family calling and worked in radio between stints as a waitress at danged near every restaurant in Great Falls. She started like most of us working the overnight shift. That time of the day allows you to take phone calls from a lot of interesting folks. If you called my sister at three in the morning and you had problems, then Michelle's Therapy was open for business. Even if it took three hours on the phone, she would talk to anybody for as long as it took.

Michelle was not the greatest talent behind the wheel of a car. We will never know the actual number of fender benders that she was responsible for. We just know that when she left this earth, she still owed the city of Great Falls traffic court over $ $4000. They were letting her pay twenty-five dollars each month, meaning that she would have paid monthly until she was nearly sixty years old.

The picture is from a Christmas when she had recently been in another wreck, so I got her helmets for her passengers. Good times.

Michelle wasn't the life of the party. She WAS the party! She was very charismatic and made friends easily. Unfortunately, she chose to make friends with the wrong types of people. That path led to her addiction.

She certainly made the most of the time that she did have here. Now that there's been some time since her passing, it's easier to reflect on all the good stories about her.

I wish you could've met her.

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