Back in my day (yep, I'm old) if you ordered fries at the drive thru, you got some ketchup with them. Ketchup, napkins and salt were just put in the bag by default. At some point in the last decade or two, that changed.

When I first noticed, I assumed this was a cost-cutting measure, or perhaps some environmental thing since most of us have thrown away almost as many ketchup packets as we have actually consumed. For that reason, I get why the old "put a handful of ketchup packets in the bag" might not have been the best strategy; however, I think most Americans still want ketchup with their fries and onion rings.

To the fast-food joints out there, I say, let's meet in the middle. Just say, "Would you like some ketchup?" and I'll say "Sure I'll take a couple." and life will be good. Let's make America great again!


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