My wife woke up in a not so favorable mood this morning and I couldn't figure out why. I finally was able to get out of her what was bothering her and now I am not so sure I wanted to know. It was me.

From what she told me, I did something that really ticked her off last night. I apparently pulled of my CPAP Mask halfway through the night and proceeded to snore so loud that paint peeled off the walls. To her defense I did wake up without my mask so she is most likely right.

From her words, she kicked, punched and did everything she could think of to wake me up and put it back on but nothing worked. As a result, she didn't get any rest and is very tired today.

I feel bad about it but I did do it without knowing. She said if it happens again she will superglue it to my face and I don't blame her.

What do you do you annoy your partner?

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