I have flown a lot recently because of my job. In and out of California, Montana and Minnesota just to name of few. The only place that I hadn't been to before flying into it wass Minneapolis/St. Paul airport around New Years when I made a stop there on my way to Sacramento.

When we watched the Big Game last weekend, I made a comment to my friends here in Billings that I was just just where they were playing. One of my friends said quote. 'Dude, You may have flown in but you haven't officially been there until you've visited the town brotha.' I even ate there and used the bathroom and they still saying it doesn't count.

This opened up a HUGE debate between everyone else! This developed into people driving through a city or state and stopping to use the bathroom counting as visiting a place.

You tell me, does flying into an airport, stepping outside onto a tram and then back into the airport count as visiting a certain place?

Tell me what you think at 248-5665.

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