Have you ever notice when your kids were babies if they started crying after meeting or seeing someone? They may have been trying to tell you something.

Even though they are little and may not be able to walk or talk, 6-month-old babies can apparently spot a bad guy a mile away.

Yale University conducted a series of psychological experiments where researchers proved that tiny infants have strong ethics.

One study featured babies aged 6 months to 1 year watching a puppet show that starred a colorful wooden shape that tires to climb a hill. At some point another character comes along and helps the shape climb up before a second toy pushes it down. The kids watched this several times, then offered the helpful and unhelpful toys.

"We found that the infants overwhelmingly preferred the helpful individual to the hindering one," says Professor Paul Bloom. "this wasn't a subtle statistical trend. Nearly all the babies reached for the good guy."

It's interesting to think back to when my kids were very little. There was a time or two when they reacted not to well when meeting someone who later turned out to not be so nice.

It might be good advice to listen when they speak up!

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