Teachers in my opinion are a very valuable resource. Probably one of the most valuable assets we can have for our kids. The problem is, they don't get thanked enough for what they do. The pay isn't wonderful, appreciation is sometimes low, but all in all these men and women push forward teaching our kids each day regardless of the downsides.

Thinking back on my childhood, I had a number of teachers that had major influence on my life. Some good and some bad. There is one that changed my life forever though.

Mrs. Teleford was the English/Speech/Drama teacher in my hometown. I had dreams of being in radio, but my shyness wouldn't let that happen.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a freshman in high school and had an assignment in speech class that required me to make up my own radio station. I would have to come up with the name, write a commercial and host the show. This meant standing in front of my peers performing what I knew what I wanted to do, but was too afraid to do.

Somehow I mustered up enough to complete this project and much to my surprise, Mrs. Teleford was blown away. From that moment on, she wouldn't let me rest on my dream. She worked with me, pushed me and broke me out of my shell. By the time I turned 15 I was interning at the local station and by the time I was 16, I was hosting an actual radio show on that station! My career was underway and without her help, there is no way I would have had enough guts to even try.

Thank you Mrs. Teleford.

Who is your favorite teacher in Billings? I want to hear about them.