Food trucks aren't a new concept. In fact, they've been around since 1866, according to That's when a gentleman named Charles Goodnight invented the Chuck wagon to help feed the masses heading west. The US Army utilized field kitchens in World War I, ice cream trucks became popular in the '50s and the first legit taco truck hit the streets of LA in the early '70s.

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Montana was a little slower to jump on the trend (as we are with most things), perhaps because our food truck season is somewhat limited to the summer months. Most of our fun outdoor events that go hand-in-hand with food trucks occur in the summer and honestly, not too many of us want to stand outside in a frozen winter parking lot to get a delicious order of ______ from a food truck.

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In recent years, we've seen a number of new food trucks pop up in the Billings area. Serving everything from mac-n-cheese specialties (the Mac Shack) and grilled cheese (Montana Melt) to burgers, tacos, BBQ and Asian cuisine, there is a food truck for everyone. Some restaurants compliment their sit-down locations with a truck, others are stand-alone enterprises. Either way, a food truck is often a welcome sight when you've had a couple of beers at area events.

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The Breakfast Exchange Club is hosting their 3rd annual Food Truck Battle on the Yellowstone, August 28th. When I read the title, I was hoping the event would actually be ON the Yellowstone, like maybe Coulson Park, but it's not. The Food Truck Battle will happen at the Armed Forces Reserve Center on Gable Road. Misnaming aside, the event should be a ton of fun for food truck fans. Early food trucks already committed include:

  • Funnel of Love
  • I'm Craving BBQ
  • Rollin Ritos
  • Tastes So Good
  • Unicorn Kettlecorn
  • Coast to Coast Cuisine and Catering
  • Many more coming soon!

The Repeat Offenders will provide musical entertainment, with additional act(s) TBA. If you've got a food truck or know somebody who does, you can find the Vendor Application HERE. A portion of all sales, plus gate admission fees ($5) and beer sale proceeds will benefit a Veteran's organization(s) in Billings.

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