It’s a dream come true for me; holding a cup of joe while looking in awe at beautiful, classic cars. Sounds like an excellent way to spend a Sunday, right?

Sundays are for Coffee and Hotrods

Hotrods & Caffeine is a bi-monthly event organized by Billings car fanatics focused on bringing the local community together for fun, cars, and prizes. 

“The purpose is to bring everyone together no matter what you drive,” said Matt Riesinger, co-event organizer. “We try and appeal all our events to all cars, bikes, and trucks.”

Riesinger, a Billings resident, has worked as a restoration shop apprentice for four years. His suite of vehicles is usually on display at the event, including a 1986 Ford Thunderbird TurboCoupe that was a showroom car at Archie Cochrane Ford.

Cars, Trucks, or Bikes Are Welcome

Motorheads can bring their own cars, trucks, or bikes for display, and cups of coffee at the event are one dollar. Funds from the coffee sales go toward expanding the event to include a more diverse prize pool, better coffee, and a PA system for music. The prize raffle includes a gift certificate donated by Asian Sea Grill.

“The goal is to grow it into a much bigger event like the large car shows,” said Kara Miller, co-event organizer and fellow car enthusiast. You may have seen her 1959 Edsel Ranger cruising around town; it’s recognizable with a bright pink leather interior. Miller is also working on restoring a 1985 Mazda RX7.

1959 Edsel Ranger owned by Kara Miller; Burn The Point 2019
Credit: Kara Miller

Where is it and when?

Hotrods & Caffeine is held on the second and fourth Sundays of every month at Leo’s Casino on 1911 King Ave. W. Cars are displayed from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and prize giveaways happen from 11 a.m. to noon. You can find more information on the event on the Hotrods & Caffeine Facebook page here.

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