Back again, The Billings Firefighters are raising money for the Benevolent Fund. The Benevolent Fund is put in place to assist families impacted by the tragedy of fire. This can range from helping kids whose homes were lost to supporting firefighters that have been injured, and everything in between.

For the entire month of September, thirty different firearms will be raffled off, thanks to Scheels and Shilo Sharps in Big Timber. Check back frequently to see the winner of each raffle, or tune in to 102.9 Cat Country each morning to hear The Breakfast Flakes announce the winner.

Winning names and ticket numbers will be posted alongside the gun that they won:

September 1: Mossberg Patriot Synthetic with Scope (Rifle)

WINNER - K. McCullough of Billings (Ticket #0168)

September 2: Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Speed (Rifle)

WINNER - B. Lewis of Billings (Ticket #1096)

September 3: Stoeger M3500 Synthetic 12 Gauge (Shotgun)

WINNER - J. Shaw of Worden (Ticket #2597)

September 4: S and W Shiel 2.0 380 EZ (Handgun)

WINNER - T. Holland of Gardiner (Ticket #2707)

September 5: Stoeger 3000 12 Gauge Black Synthetic (Shotgun)

WINNER - T. Schilling of Billings (Ticket #0600)

September 6: Henry Golden Boy 22 LR Wood / Blued (Rifle)

WINNER - L. Muhs of Laurel (Ticket #0395)

September 7: Savage Engage Hunter XP Synthetic with Scope (Rifle)

WINNER - K. Marzolf of Billings (Ticket #1251)

September 8: Stoeger 3000 12 Gauge Black Synthetic (Shotgun)

WINNER - S. Reitel of Helena (Ticket #2175)

September 9: Black Rain Ord. Argent FDE 5.56 (Rifle)

WINNER: M. Johnson of Billings (Ticket #1208)

September 10: Tikka T3 Hunter Wood / Blued (Rifle)

WINNER: B. Keller of Worden (Ticket #2166)

September 11: Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 5.56 (Rifle)

WINNER: B. Fleury (Ticket #0429)

September 12: Kimber Raptor II Stainless .45 ACP (Handgun)

WINNER: M. Herring (#0604)

September 13: Bergara B14 Ridge Synthetic (Rifle)

WINNER: T. Tescher (#2144)

September 14: Glock 20 Gen4 10mm (Handgun)

WINNER: R. Walker of Billings (#2471)

September 15: Winchester SXP Marine Defender 12ga (Rifle)

WINNER: J. Mader of Shepherd (#1277)

September 16: Christensen Mesa Blued / Synthetic (Rifle)

WINNER: E. Kilzer of Billings (#2693)

September 17: Mossberg 500 Scorpion 12 ga FDE (Shotgun)

WINNER: Z. Schye of Billngs (#1145)

September 18: Savage 555 E Wood / Blued (Rifle)

WINNER: J. Fox of Huntley (#1938)

September 19: Savage Axis II Blued / XP with scope (Rifle)

WINNER: E. Seiders of Billings (#0238)

September 20: Beretta A300 Outlander Synthetic (Shotgun)

WINNER: T. Bell of Billings (#0690)

September 21: Mossberg Patriot Synthetic with Scope (Rifle)

WINNER: C. Bowers of Billings (#2481)

September 22: Ruger American Predator Green / Blued (Rifle)

WINNER: S. Holt of Billings (#0403)

September 23: Franchi Affinity 3.5 12 Gauge Camo (Shotgun)

WINNER: C Hein of Billings (#1952)

September 24: Savage 93R17GVXP .17 HMR Wood / Blued (Rifle)

WINNER: E. Christman of Worden (#2122)

September 25: Benelli Montefeltro Wood / Blued (Shotgun)

WINNER: B. Meyer of Forsyth (#2936)

September 26: Sig Sauer P365 9mm (Handgun)

WINNER: I. Shaw of Worden (#2583)

September 27: Marlin 1895SBL 45-70 Govt (Rifle)

WINNER: J. Michael of Billings (#0046)

September 28: Benelli Nova (Shotgun)

WINNER: L. Bogunovich (#1860)

September 29: Howa 1500 GameKing Synthetic / Blued with Scope (Rifle)

September 30: GRAND PRIZE - Custom Shiloh Sharps 1874 Montana Roughrider 45/70

$25 Raffle Tickets for the Billings Firefighters Benevolent Fund may still be available, but there are only 3000 total tickets, so they are limited.

CLICK HERE to find out where to get your Gun-A-Day Raffle Ticket.

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