Have you shot anybody in 2021? I haven't either. But shootings are up considerably in Billings this year, but most folks that I hear talking don't seem the least bit concerned about it. According to what I have read and heard, the shootings are from the criminal element shooting at one another. Drugs are often involved.

I don't buy or use illegal drugs, so I haven't run into any trouble. None of my friends do either, so all of the shootings that are going on aren't happening in front of me. But I promise you that I'm even more vigilant when I'm driving around our lovely town. If you've driven by me, you've been profiled. Not for race, but for things like the red tape over your busted-out tail light and the plastic being held on with duct tape that could mean a window that was shot out. I don't know your story, but I'm sure as heck not taking any chances.

As I was looking up statistics, I came across a story from KTVQ. They reported fifteen shootings in April and May of this year. And the Gazette's story about Saturday morning's shooting by Lake Elmo in the Heights adds to that total. It's a lot. (Unless you're in Chicago where 18 people were killed and 100 total people were shot.)

So, two things I want you to do. First, be vigilant. Be aware of your surroundings. If you see somebody that looks shady, get out of there.

Second, if you ever happen to be in the vicinity of shooting, be a great witness. Whip that video camera out and capture it. Law enforcement can always use the help.

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