Yes. That's my pantry. No, it's never this organized. It took me quite a while to get it this way.

I don't have OCD either. It's just that some stuff that has been on my shelves may have hit the expiration date. My plan is to not die from food poisoning. That is part of what led to the redoing of all of my food inventory. That and the stories I'm hearing about possible shortages of certain grocery items that might be coming down the pipe.

When I heard about the toilet paper shortage, like most folks, I freaked out and now have four years' worth of a product that you take for granted until you think about not being able to get it. And why do toilet paper companies have to advertise? Who is NOT buying this product?

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The next shortage I heard predicted was going to be aluminum. As in what beer comes packaged in. I'm sure many of you felt the effects of how much beer I bought. But, I'm not running out this year. I'll buy you one if you're out.

Then there was the coin shortage. Now I'm hearing there might be a shortage in canned fruits and vegetables coming our way. You can think one of two ways. One, Oh NO! Not those. Or, two, can't you get fresh fruits in the produce section? And frozen veggies?

I used the Albertsons app yesterday and bought sale canned items, I'm kind of set for 2022, except for things like milk and salad.

If there is an event coming up where I can get in by simply bringing canned goods. And my canned goods are "good" goods like chili, corn, and stew. Not like when I was a kid. And we would donate, cans of beets, creamed corn, and vegetarian chicken and noodle soup.

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