We don't have a food shortage in the United States. Why is the current administration telling you so?

And this thing about not enough wheat, all baloney. In the third week of March, the United States exported 14 million bushels of wheat, just in that 1 week alone.

We have plenty of wheat and corn etc. So much so that we still continue to make fuel out of it.

We don't have a food shortage here. We have a distribution problem that these people can't solve.

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Have you not been able to buy bread? How about beef or chicken? No, there's plenty.

What about potatoes? Last year they were burying them back in the ground because we had so many of them.

What about eggs, are you having trouble finding those? No.

There is plenty of fish and vegetables, cereal, and peanut butter.

How about frozen pizzas or ice cream? Dairy farmers were pouring milk down the drains last year when school was out because they couldn't get rid of it.

The point is there is no food shortage in the United States. How could a country with our obesity rates say there is a food shortage? Remember the so-called toilet paper shortage? How many of you out there had to use leaves because there was no toilet paper available?

Why do they keep creating this fear among the consumers? Some of the harder-to-find items are just being held up along different distribution points along the line.

Plus, with the shortage of workers to stock store shelves, it compounds the problem.  There may be a shortage of some other things needed but the food is not one of them.

And a shameless plug -- as we've said on air, we still stand behind Emily...

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