I keep hearing about all the food shortages that are happening and I have yet to go hungry. We hear about a wheat shortage when the U.S. exports 15 million tons of wheat a week and that's only because that's all people are buying right now.

While I was in Boise for Jake's wedding I went into an Albertson's store that was the most remarkable grocery store I have ever seen. There was no shortage of food there.

Go to Costco and look at the pallets of food stacked to the ceiling. By the way, Americans could cut the amount that they eat in half and the world supply would grow dramatically.

Look around, does it look like we have a shortage of food?

Some people will think that's a cold statement, but sometimes the truth hurts. The American dietary guidelines call for 1600-2400 calories per day for the average woman and 2,200-3,200 for the average male depending on activity and other factors.

Currently according to the USDA Americans are consuming over 3,600 per day up from  2,600 per day in 1961, a 24% INCREASE. It's even worse among our kids who are eating themselves into bad health.

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The point is, if we all would just cut back a little bit, the availability of food wouldn't even be noticeable. A double quarter pounder meal, one chocolate glazed doughnut, and a double shot espresso coffee with cream and you have exceeded dietary guidelines.

Maybe the problem isn't that there isn't enough food maybe we all are just eating too much every day. We also waste entirely too much as well...

Can hardly wait to hear the hate mail with this one.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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