• I had a lot of events involving kids over the last seven days. Last Saturday we emceed the Yellowstone County Spelling Bee for the 23rd consecutive year. Then, Monday night, I emceed another fundraiser for Cole's Pantry at Hooligan's. Wednesday brought our annual St V's Call For Kids that raised $ 86,315. And a lot of names on the donor list were names that I recognized from many years of giving by them.
  • I have NOT scoured the city in search of toilet paper. I worked far harder eight years ago trying to find 22LR.
  • It was a slow week at my house as I only had two deliveries from Amazon Prime.
  • We sent another check to APC to sponsor two more vets for a year.
  • I'm a little surprised that we haven't got any requests for metal detectors lately. All the schools must already be safe enough.
  • I'm really in awe of this coronavirus scare. I'm looking forward to hearing how this is the Republicans' fault. So, I'm going to do my part by barbequing some steaks for my neighbors, who also aren't buying the hype.

I'm very ready for the weekend. Thanks for listening.

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