Originally published Dec. 1, 2021

By now you have probably heard about another tragic shooting in Oxford Michigan. Unfortunately, 3 high school students have lost their lives. Authorities are trying to figure out the motive by searching social media, talking to family, etc.

Currently, there are few deterrents or protocols in place to protect the kids. We started a metal detector program for schools and agencies many years ago and have probably sent out 30 or so detectors to schools and other places. Here's is my plea to you, please use them. Please set them up. You don't have to even turn them on if you don't want to. Just set them up and make the visitors and kids walk through them. It's In the back of their mind that they could be caught with anything so they don't take the chance.

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It works like airports, people know when they go there what not to do. People put out security systems and cameras around their private homes and they work. People know they are there. I'm just saying if you were the beneficiaries of one of our detectors, use them explain to the kids how great they are at sniffing out a weapon or even things like a pocket knife. Plant the seed in their heads that if they try they will be caught and they will be penalized for their actions.

We live in different times now unlike the 70s where you could have your hunting rifle in a pick-up at school. Let's do everything possible to be sure one of our towns in Montana isn't in the headlines.

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