For a lot of people, music is just something to have on in the background. For them, it's just better than having no noise at all.

But not for me. And I don't just need any music. I need the RIGHT music. That's why I've got a bunch of different playlists for different activities. Of course, the songs on the playlist have to fit the mood or activity that's going on around me as it's playing.

One of my golf playlists is titled "Fairway To Heaven". And it starts with a song called "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. I always sing "I've got a fast CART".

Then whoever is riding with me rolls their eyes and I laugh hysterically at myself.

I've got one with nothing about the rain that I'll play on rainy days. Most of those are slow songs. I also have a "Saturday" playlist that's got over a hundred songs in it.

We had a guy who has traveled with us on the Flakes trip who made a playlist for the trip. He had hundreds of songs on the playlist. All of them had the word "Tequila" in them. He was quite popular at the swim-up bar at the party pool.

I heard from a lady this morning who has a shower playlist.

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Most of the time I'll play the type of music that whoever is riding with me likes. Because that's something I tend to know about my friends.

But if you are waiting to hear any Florida-Georgia line coming from my playlists, you should be in another golf cart.

Mark Golfing in Idaho

Now that I think about it, riding in my cart is like flying first class. You can get an ice-cold beer. I usually have free snacks. Plus, you can even request a song.

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