I'm noticing all of the pictures of the class reunions that I'm seeing on Facebook, and I've got one coming up that I'm attending. Why do we go to these things? I mean, if I don't keep in touch with you for the 30 plus years since we sat next to each other in a couple of random classes, then why I am I traveling back to see people like you?

Familiarity I guess. Or maybe a sense of nostalgia combined with trying to bring back some of those innocent times of our youth.

My graduating class had over 500 students, most of whom had no idea who I was. And most of the people who attend have accomplished things in their lives since high school. It seems like you never go to a reunion and talk to anybody who's still working the job they had in high school and are still living in their folks basement.

So, I'm going to my reunion, hoping to see about 3 people. And I look forward to lying to the girls who wouldn't go with me about just how incredibly rich I've become since high school.