The Dog House Parade and Gala are wrapped up. It was a huge success.

I'll tell you what I, personally, enjoy about these types of events. It's talking to the folks who listen to the radio station.

Most of the time WE are doing the talking. And although we get calls from listeners with their take on things, we do not face to face. But at these events, you get our undivided attention.

So Saturday night, I heard from folks on topics like Covid, gas prices, Let's Go Brandon, and the time I put my cat, Peeper, in the freezer. Long story.

I also got a lot of "hey, you know what you should do for these events". Once the doors open, any changes will take place next time around.

I'll admit that I didn't have all the answers about some of the builders and dog houses. But I was able to carry on a very well-informed conversation involving Dire Straits. "Skateaway" is easily their best song. Just in case you weren't in that conversation.

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Paul and I are always humbled by the support that this community has given us through the years when we try to raise some funds for something. Some of that money raised this weekend was from out of town. That's right. We got some of that "sugar beet money".

Hats off also to the Billings Girls La Cross team and my daughter, Rhyann. They hustled seating folks as they arrived, selling raffle tickets, and counting votes to see who our prize winners would be.

Good teamwork everybody.

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