You may have heard that I like to go to concerts (Sheryl Crow is in 100 days). So, I went to the MetraPark website to see how much tickets were for both Foreigner and Toby Keith.

I have not bought tickets on there in a while so I was surprised to learn that now you can pick your seats. Which is great news for those of us who are willing to spend a little more on a ticket when one of your favorite acts comes to town.

Before we could buy online, if you wanted good seats, you would have to wait in line, and then usually on a Friday, tickets would go on sale at 10 a.m. If I was at work, not only would I not get good seats, but sometimes not even end up with tickets.

So, I'm clicking around this morning to see what seats are left. Foreigner appears to have sold out of all of their $250 "Gold" package tickets. This package includes one premium seat to the show. You also get to submit a question for the band members to answer during a Q &A  session. You also get a socially distanced picture taken with the band and some promotional items with the bands name on them. And you get into the arena before the rest of us regular ticket buyers.

I like Foreigner, but I'm not paying $250. I did pay $250 to see Paul McCartney at Washington-Grizzly stadium. And Elton John's "Red Piano" show at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas cost me $324.50, with eight dollar beers at the shows. But seeing those guys was worth the cost to me.

What the most you have paid to see a show? How much would you pay to see one of your favorite acts?

!00 days until the Sheryl Crow show.

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