With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, 50 plus million Americans will be packing up the car and heading somewhere. Most will be traveling by car and unfortunately someone, somewhere will not come home because of some careless act by another driver.

It's too bad that we don't have some special officer that can follow up on people who are blatantly disregarding the law and are a real danger. I'm not talking about people who forget to use their turn signal or have a headlight out. I'm talking about people who could kill another with their reckless behavior.

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The other day I pulled out onto highway 87 again after hauling hay and another person started to pass a pickup and trailer that was behind me. This happens all the time and that section of the road is double yellow for a reason, blind hills. Well, this time I got a video of the car, the time, and the plate E 6XXX.

Yes, I know who you are and I hope you don't kill anyone over the holiday. Look we all make driving errors and mistakes but this kind of stuff is just being selfish and stupid. Unfortunately, some poor soul is going to lose their life because of it. I just hope you don't take someone with you when you go. Maybe a ticket and a call to your insurance company would finally help you get the message. The chances we take just aren't worth it when you think about all you have to lose.

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