That is the question asked by my son Ashton last night.

I came home from work to find him playing with a loose front tooth in his mouth. It was a bit of a shock to me considering everything looked fine to me when I left for work yesterday morning. It is kind of funny how fast things can change within an 8 hour period.

As I walked through the door he showed me the loose tooth and proceeded to ask me if the Tooth Fairy comes to Billings. After laughing for a few minutes, I reassured him that she does indeed come to the Magic City.

I sat him down, took the picture above and took a little tug to see if the tooth was ready to come out. Unfortunately for his pocket, it isn't quite there just yet. By the time I get home tonight though I would be surprised if it is still in his mouth.

We had the same question from the boys at Christmas wanting to know if Santa would know where they are since they moved.

Well, Santa found them and I am sure the Tooth Fairy will too. Sometimes you just have to keep the faith and know that good things will happen.

I will let you know on air when the Tooth Fairy comes to town.

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