Hey guys and gals! Long time no talk!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a warm welcome back to the one and only Cat Country 102.9.

I left back in June for an opportunity in Sacramento, California. I was a good experience for me personally and I was very successful with my show there, but it just wasn't home. Even though I was not born or raised in Billings or even Montana for that factor, I quickly realized how much of a home Billings had become to me after hosting your afternoon show for 2 years. Even more so, my wife and kids wanted and needed to come back here. My wife and I had plenty of nights discussing what would be best for our kids...not our careers, but our kids. That decision is Billings, Montana.

The Magic City is a wonderful city to raise children. Believe me, there is no doubt in my mind on that.

With that said, I went back on air for the big kitty this past Monday. The calls of welcome back have been overwhelming. I appreciate your calls so much. Thank you Cat Pack.

I'll stay as long as you'll have me, so let's make this a good run!

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