Another move today by the liberals of this country will have residual results on our educational system for years to come. In an AP  story today it was announced that New York mayor Bill DE Blasio is ending the gifted and talented academic programs in New York schools because they promote segregation.

Yup. you heard it right, too many white and Asian kids are in that program leaving Latino, Black, and Native American kids behind. They are pushing for a coast-to-coast movement to eliminate these elevated academic programs. Where are all you educators out there? You should be furious at this ridiculous policy.

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Not pushing kids to excel will have a catastrophic impact on our future professionals for many years to come. The question should be why are so many kids, regardless of ethnicity, not excelling in their studies. That's the problem, not the fact that these classes are available. When you look at our test scores as a nation and as a state it's alarming. We keep putting more and more money into it and the results keep deteriorating.

I don't believe for a moment that our teachers would purposely not work hard to try to get these kids in accelerated classes. in fact, I would bet they go above and beyond to try to get them there for a promising future and a promising career. This will only now indoctrinate more kids on how unfair this country is and incorporate a why try attitude. I would have never imagined that this would have ever happened and I fear for what is coming next.

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