Finally, law enforcement in California is getting the green light to start arresting the organized grab-and-go crooks in the organized robberies. In Los Angeles yesterday a smash and grab resulted in 340,000$ worth of merchandise being stolen in one incident. In fact, Thursday there were eleven brazen robberies. Click here for more details

The mayor of Los Angeles is finally starting to wake up and has now asked for a no-bail policy now that space has opened up in the jail. The problem is even worse in San Francisco where they are now asking for another two million dollars for the police department. I guess this experiment of de-funding police departments is starting to show what happens when the law is not respected.

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Next, they need to get rid of the 950$ rule out there too so shoplifting is taken seriously. They have been very lucky so far that someone hasn't been shot while some poor business owner defends their property. Unfortunately, a security guard was shot and killed last week by one of these thugs. If we lose our respect for the law and our laws are not enforced then we will slowly lose control of our cities, Suburbs, and communities.

I know that this type of reckless behavior would never be tolerated where we live. The people would rise up and help. I know the Billings police department would never let that stand. Once again, I am so thankful to live where I live and the sunsets recently just reinforce those feelings. Have a great weekend.

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