School District 2 has finally made a decision on mask wearing for the new school year that starts next week. Although it should not have taken this long, it was the right one.

It's the same policy that has been in place since scarlet fever, yellow fever, H1N1, Ebola, bird flu, influenza, pneumonia, and the Spanish flu. And that's if you want your child to wear one, and want them protected, they can wear one.

If you don't feel like there is an imminent danger to your child or your family members, they don't have to wear one. You know this policy can be permanent. It's worked for 200 years. That's what this whole discussion has really been about, and that is personal responsibility.

People should take all precautions to do what's best for them and their family, not make the rest of the world do what's right for you and your family. You have always been able to stay home, protect yourself and your health, get vaccinated or not. Those were always your decisions.

It's like the sleep rule in Billings. You're not suppose to start work and construction until after 7am. The whole world stops so you can sleep. Why can't that person put in ear plugs instead of making the world change for them?

You make your individual decision, not everyone else's. If you are going to let a government or group make all your health decisions, then there are many more coming down the road that some of you are not going to like.

If you accept these, then you have to accept all the others, not just the ones you like. Stay safe and healthy, do what you think is right, and we'll see ya Monday at 5.

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