How well do you know Billings and your surrounding area? There are people that have lived here forever and still don't know their town. Do you know how many parks there are in town and where they are at?

I remember I saw a garbage truck run over some ducks one year at a park by Lewis Avenue and as vivid as that memory is, I can't think of the name of that park.

How about subdivisions? If someone told you to meet them at the Legacy West subdivision would you know where that is? Probably not. How about all the ice cream shops or barber shops; nope can't help you there.

Do you know the gas stations in town that will still pump your gas?

Can you name the cemeteries that are in town or if you have to go to one do you google map it so you can find it? Ask someone where a mobile phone shop like AT&T or T-mobile is and they'll probably know right away.

Hotels are another one there are so many now that if you name one, chances are people won't know unless it's the Northern or the Sheraton, now Doubletree.

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How about all of the little shopping areas around town that have names? Everyone now knows where the Shilo Crossing shopping district is but what about places like Alpine Village?

Things are changing so fast that you can't keep up with the new and are forgetting the old. Just remember that we are on 102.9 FM -- that's one that I hope everyone remembers.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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