A red flag fire alert is on now through midnight tonight in most of Montana.  Gusty winds and low humidity create the perfect storm for a fire to start and spread, or current fires to get out of control.

According to Wikipedia, A Red Flag Warning also known as a Fire Weather Warning is a forecast warning issued by the United States National Weather Service to inform area firefighting and land management agencies that conditions are ideal for wildland fire ignition, and rapid propagation. After drought conditions, and when humidity is very low, and especially when high or erratic winds which may include lightning are a factor, the Red Flag Warning becomes a critical statement for firefighting agencies. These agencies often alter their staffing and equipment resources dramatically to accommodate the forecast risk. To the public, a Red Flag Warning means high fire danger with increased probability of a quickly spreading vegetation fire in the area within 24 hours.

The weather is forecasted to be mild this weekend, however, fire danger is high.  Please take all precautions necessary.

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