Today was Back To School day for my daughter and, all-in-all, things went pretty well; however, there was a little bit of stress that could have been avoided if I would have planned a little better.  I thought I'd share these thoughts since I know I'm not the only parent that had these same issues today (or will have them on Thursday for District 2).


  Enroll her in a Summer Reading Program
I read with my daughter quite and bit and she enjoys reading on her own as well, but I think we would benefit with an actual reading program since it will help keep her in somewhat of a "school mode" throughout the summer.  Maybe that first homework assignment wouldn't be such a shock if she had been used to being accountable for something intellectual during the summer break.



   No "sleeping in"... ever!
I feel a little guilty on this one because I certainly didn't keep any kind of summertime schedule when I was a kid.  For me, waking up at 11 a.m. or later was just part of the summer break.  Of course, the problem happens when it's time to get them back on their normal routine.  It can take several weeks before getting up early feels natural (or at least tolerable) again.



  Start back to school shopping ASAP
I have this same problem with Christmas shopping.  I should be Christmas shopping throughout the year.  It doesn't kill your budget, you tend to buy more meaningful gifts because you're not rushed, and you're never in panic mode - scrambling to get it all done on the December 23rd.  Back-to-school shopping is the same kind of thing.  It should be handled throughout the summer break, but instead her mom has had to cram it all into the last few days.



  Find a "kid friendly" scheduling app
I saw this recommendation posted somewhere and thing it's a great idea.  My daughter doesn't really seem to have much of a concept about times and dates when it comes to planning.  She does, however, have an interest in all things electronic.  There are many apps targeted toward kids to help them setup a schedule they can manage (homework time, play time, t.v. time, etc.)



  Start School Schedule Two Weeks Early
And this is the biggest of them all.  If I don't stick to anything else on this list, this one I will definitely do for next year.  Two weeks before school starts, have your kid get up at school time, shower, brush teeth, get dressed...the whole morning routine, so they are not in such a shock when school day #1 arrives.



Okay veteran parents, those are five things I am going to try to do to make next year a little easier. What have you learned over the years to make this transition easier?

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