I just never stop. But if we could get some of them to open up by 10 a.m. that would be great for me then. I have never stopped at a food truck here because normally they are not set up and running by the time I need lunch. People swear by them.

Coming up on August 27. It's once again time for the big Food Truck Battle at the Armed Forces Reserve Center on Gabel Road. At least 40 different food trucks with all kinds of cuisine will be battling it out for the best of the best.

Hopefully, the trucks are air-conditioned in some way for the workers. How would you like to stand over a fryer in a trailer all day on a hot August day?

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I don't know how many there are in Billings but I'm thinking I heard around 60 or so. It must be profitable because of how many there are in the area, but the initial cost would hurt a little. Find a lot, get permission to set up, and you're in the food business. I wonder if there are pizza food trucks. I've seen just about everything else. I would really like to try some of the Mexican stuff too.

Anyway, you can try all of it on the 27th. The food truck owners will be donating 10% of proceeds towards different veteran organizations. Gate admissions of five bucks and beverage sales will also help.

Close your eyes and you can probably taste it already. I have no idea about how much things cost out of a truck either but with no building it's affordable I'm sure.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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