Nominations came out this week for the Academy Of Country Music Awards. "She Had Me At Heads Carolina" by Cole Swindell is nominated in five categories. While Scotty McCreery can't seem to buy an award from the country music organizations.

Did anybody else play golf AND shovel snow this week? Or was that just me?

If you are attending any events at Metra Park this weekend, please turn right when you're leaving. This helps keep traffic moving a little better. And will also help keep you off of the Reckless Drivers pages on social media. And look for another big concert announcement coming very soon.

If you are eligible to vote for the school board members, I would hope that you do this time. We will invite candidates to our show. Not all of them will come in to answer questions. And if you haven't read Aaron Flint's article from his show Montana Talks, followed by the comments yet, you really should.

I discovered this week that Paul does a great Gordon Lightfoot impression. I still had to help with the song lyrics though.

We always talk about college kids picking majors that will actually help them land work. I strongly advise steering clear of careers in radio, TV, or newspaper. Unless you are going to sell advertising. All of our salespeople are quite wealthy.

Even though technology has changed the industry, I still really enjoy it when listeners win tickets by calling in.

And speaking of winning, we have to give away a trip for two to Secrets Akumal later this year. We have been told that this prize is also pretty fun to win. Keep scrolling to see what it's like to win the trip.

See you Monday morning at 5.

What It's Like at The Breakfast Flakes Mexico Trip Giveaway Party

If you've ever wanted to go to Mexico for free, or ever wanted to spend a week with Cat Country 102.9's The Breakfast Flakes duo, the giveaway party is the place to be. Every year in November, the Flakes give away two spots on their annual Mexico vacation that happens in January. Take a look at what it's like for the crowd that shows up to qualify as a potential winner:

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