In the continuing drama of me trying to get in better shape I'm now down to 233 lbs. from a high of 244 right after Christmas. For reference I'm 6'2". I've been doing great avoiding most fried foods (I'll admit to the occasional French fry) but, combined with calories burned off from cardio, I've managed to stay 500-1000 calories under what I would need to maintain my weight since I've started on this program.

In the morning I have a skinny iced mocha, lunch might be a sandwich with no mayo or a PBJ on multi-grain bread and for dinner an Asian chicken salad or some broiled fish. So it's NOT HELPFUL when your co-workers torture you with what's on their artery clogging menu for the evening... like fried chicken and mashed potatoes in a pool of creamery butter or Cornish game hens with stuffed mushrooms or herb encrusted salmon and baby roasted potatoes.

Back to my kale chips... that is all!