Billings Pools Open Next Week
On Wednesday, June 5th, both Rose Park and South Park pools will be open for business. Cheap fun and healthy exercise (definitely better than sitting on the couch playing Fortnite).
Tricks To Losing More Weight After You Seem To Hit A Wall
It's been awhile since I've talked about my workout regimen. At first it seemed like I lost a lot of weight. I was doing daily cardio at Billings Athletic Club and dropped 15 pounds (from 245 to 230) in my first 5 weeks. Over the next 3 months I dropped another 10 pounds despite adding a weightlifting program to my workout...
A Sign That Diet And Exercise Does Work
I'll spare you the graphic details but I was in the men's room here at work just a few minutes ago when I had a "eureka" moment... always a bad way to start a sentence but this isn't bad, I promise. After I finished watering the lilies and re-fastened my belt it felt like my pants were going to slide off my hips...
Working Out And Not Losing Weight Is Frustrating
I've been working out at Billings Athletic Club since early January. In the first 6 weeks I lost 23 pounds which I find incredible. Unfortunately it seems like for the last 3 weeks I haven't lost a pound. I've actually moved to an even more strenuous workout regimen and while I'm sure I've added a little muscle it's probably not enough to account for the lack of weight loss...
The “Spartacus” Workout Kicked My Butt
If you've been reading my blog then you know I've been on a workout routine for the last month and a half now. When I started I was 242 lbs. and now I'm 225. Problem is that it seems like I've been at 225 lbs. for the past week. It's weird because whenever I've started a workout routine I always lose weight in clusters...
Friends Don’t Torture Friends Trying To Lose Weight
In the continuing drama of me trying to get in better shape I'm now down to 233 lbs. from a high of 244 right after Christmas. For reference I'm 6'2". I've been doing great avoiding most fried foods (I'll admit to the occasional French fry) but, combined with calories burned off from cardio, I've managed to stay 500-1000 calories under what I would need to maintain my weight since I've starte
The Best Meal I Ever Had
I have to issue a disclaimer... while the meal I ate last night was tasty, it's not the best I've EVER had. At the moment it seemed like it though. See, I've been diligently working out for the last 17 days and so far have lost 7 lbs. I can have about 2350 calories and maintain my current weight but of course I'm trying to get back to the 190 lbs...
I’ve Become A Workout Fiend
Okay, maybe that's a bit overstated but I've been faithfully hitting the recumbent bike at Billings Athletic Club for 5 whole days now for an average of about 50 minutes per day. I've been working the Life Circuit and I feel much better already.

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