I saw an article in the Missoulian this morning about the last full-service gas station closing its doors.

The owner of Gary's Service Station is 80 and like most businesses, he can't find anybody to help him do the work. He's 80 years old and is no longer going to fight to stay open.

And it's too bad. Full-service gas stations were great for moms with a car full of kids. Those moms didn't have to leave kids in their cars while they filled up with gas. The full-service attendant not only filled the gas tank, but they also checked your oil, checked your tire pressure, and cleaned your windshield. Seriously.

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I've known some younger folks that are driving today who have never even opened their own hoods on their cars.

Generally at full-service stations gasoline cost more per gallon but people paid it because they liked the full-service aspect of it. And along with moms who had their kids with them, folks who were handicapped also used the full-service stations.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

I remember my dad always using the full-service stations. He wasn't a big fan of getting his hands dirty. And those stations that he frequented also did all of our family's oil changes and an assortment of service work.

We didn't have Master Lube places all over the place like we do these days.

So, it's sad to see them go but life is different now. I rarely fill up when the sun is up. I just pull into a station where you can get gas with a credit card 24 hours a day.

Sad to see the end of an era.


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