It was an amazing month of events for The Breakfast Flakes and Cat Country 102.9, with the Mexico trip giveaway party, Flakesgiving, and the first-ever custom dog house parade for the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

The Dog House fundraiser event planned by Paul Mushaben and Mark Wilson was held inside the Pavillion at MetraPark in Billings on Saturday, October 30, and included dinner, a raffle, and a live and silent auction.

A couple of dozen custom dog houses went up for auction during the event, with all proceeds benefitting the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

Just before Thanksgiving weekend, the Breakfast Flakes welcomed YVAS Executive Director Triniti Chavez to the studio for a special presentation. Here's a video of the moment Mark and Paul presented a check to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter:

After all the bills were paid from the event, a check for $35,000 was handed over to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter from the Flakesgiving Fund.

"Every year we have to raise about $100,000 just to cover the medical costs we provide at the shelter, and this is a huge portion of that," commented YVAS' Triniti Chavez.

"Maybe next year, we can make something a little bigger and a little better and shoot for covering all the medical costs," said Paul Mushaben.

If you missed the Dog House Parade, CLICK HERE to see photos and videos of the most amazing dog houses ever constructed.

For more information about adoption, volunteering, or fostering with the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, CLICK HERE.

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