We are honored to announce Hannah Sorenson, 6th Grade at Blue Creek School, as this week's Johnny V.'s Junior Genius.

To say Hannah enjoys reading would be an understatement. "If she could read in the shower, she would read in the shower," said Laura Sorenson, Hannah's mom. "She empties the dishwasher and reads, makes her beds and reads, walks and reads...it's absolutely amazing."

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

While visiting Cat Country 102.9, I asked Hannah to head up the Junior Genius Book Club, and suggest a book to read over the holidays. Hannah recommends "Where She Fell" by Kaitlin Ward. To find out more about this book, CLICK HERE.

Hannah has read an outstanding 23 books since August. This alone in an incredible feat that even adults do not do. She proves her love for reading daily and is consistently at the top of the class. She is eager and open to read different genres, another thing that again, most adults are not willing to do. Hannah loves to read to the kindergarten students and is a mentor for them all. A few times each week, she reads to the kindergartners which helps them building their own reading skills. She never boasts to others about her accomplishments and is truly a remarkable student. -Laura Sorenson

Besides reading, Hannah enjoys playing with her cats, competing in Math Olympics, and has "thought about being a missionary and going around the world to teach people about God."

Hannah (11) is the daughter of Perry and Laura Sorenson. Her younger sister Sage (6) is a kindergartner at Blue Creek. Hannah has an older brother and sister, Jesse and Kolby.

For showing outstanding leadership, reading to the Kindergarten class at her school, Hannah will receive the official Jr. Genius Award and T-Shirt, Gift Certificates from Taco Johns, and she'll bring a friend to our end of the school year pool party at The Reef.

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

LISTEN to Hannah during her visit with Johnny V. on Cat Country 102.9.