This weekend I would like to take the opportunity to say Happy Father's Day to the greatest man I ever knew. My dad.

Sadly, I lost my father nearly 5 years ago but that does not detour the memories and feeling I had and continue to have for this amazing man.

My dad was literally a hero. He saved many lives while he had his time here on this world. That doesn't even count the lives he made better just by being himself.

He had a heart of gold and a mind of incredible wisdom in which he shared with anyone and everyone he came across. Whether you needed a helping hand or a good joke, my dad was there to brighten your day.

He did so many things to bring smiles to people's faces but most of all...he was my dad. I looked up to him and wanted to be like him and without words, I respected him.

Happy Father's Day Dad (Larry Thompson). I love you and miss you.

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