The band Alabama had 41 songs go to number one, including 21 in a row. Yet I feel that they are underrated. As is their Christmas song "Thistlehair The Christmas Bear".

I was told that the city of Cody, Wyoming buys one-way bus tickets to Billings for homeless people. Don't know if it's true or not.

My next house will have a much smaller yard and no basement.

I really enjoyed seeing some people's true colors exposed over the two sides of the drag queens reading to kids. I was even called bad names. If you were the one who did it, then I'm glad that I got to you. I'm enjoying living rent-free in your head. If you don't like how we feel about certain topics, please use one of the several buttons that your radio has.

Had a doctor's appointment this week to fix my cough.

I read a book called "Life's Little Instruction Book". Each page tells you one thing that you should be doing in your life. Things like watching a sunrise once a year (you can expect an article on this book soon). Also, overtip breakfast waitresses and remember other people's birthdays. The one that stuck with me was the one that said Find a doctor that's your age and grow old together.

And it was Father's Day last Sunday. I was out of town golfing but got up early for the drive home because my daughter asked me to. My dad passed shortly before the holiday seven years ago, so it hasn't been my favorite holiday since. Until this year.

I let my daughter drive us to Scheels where I was treated to a daughter-sponsored shopping spree. It was actually just a shirt, but you get the idea.

And later when I opened the card she had gotten me, I saw that she had hand-written me a message. But before I got to read it, she said "Just so you know, you're gonna cry". Good guess.

And father's day is my favorite holiday again.

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