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Great Father’s Day Gift Idea
Here's a fun idea, how about ticket to The Magic City 4X4 Tough Truck Races on Saturday, June 27th? Dad will love the excitement of the races and the fresh air. The races are at the Big Sky Speedway at mile marker 16 on Highway 87 North.
“Dad Skills” On The Decline
My dad has taught me a lot over the years. He's still better than I am at pretty much all of it, but the basic "dad skill" I have, I owe to him. Apparently, these little things I take for granted are on the decline across the country.
Fathers Day
Happy Fathers day to all you dads out there.  Remember, its never too late to become a good one.
It will make a huge difference in your children's life no matter how old they are. Take down those barriers and start today you'll never regret it...
When Is Dad Better Than Google?
These days, we can always turn to the internet for advice on pretty much any topic, but for me there are somethings I still want to call my dad for. Sometimes, it's about the world and politics, but usually it's more along the lines of plumbing, electrical or cars. Those are three topics…
Being A Dad Is The Best Part Of My Life
Sunday will be my 9th Father's Day and I've loved every one of them. I have to say that I miss my little girl being a tiny, but it's such a joy to watch her grow up. Even though I love my job and have some accomplishments I've been proud to achieve, there is nothing that comes …
Happy Father's Day Dad
This weekend I would like to take the opportunity to say Happy Father's Day to the greatest man I ever knew. My dad.
Sadly, I lost my father nearly 5 years ago but that does not detour the memories and feeling I had and continue to have for this amazing man...
Happy Father’s Day
One of my favorite things I've ever done on the radio was a morning when I was working alone and I don't know why, but I did a spin on "So God Made A Father".  I spoke from the heart and realized how important that job is.
We all hope to be the best one we could be an…

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