Father's Day is coming up in a couple of weeks, Sunday, June 20th. As they do every year the kids ponder what to get their dad. Let's face it a guy can only have so many ties (most of which he will never wear), there's always the new grill, but he just got the grill/smoker for Christmas so that's out. We thought about a fishing trip to some place cool, but we're gong to our family cabin in the Big Horn Mountains next month, so he'll get his fishing for the year in there (or so he thinks) He's not a big gun guy, he has several he inherited form his dad, so we've pretty much got that covered. What to get him? Here's a fun idea, how about ticket to The Magic City 4X4 Tough Truck Races on Saturday, June 27th?  Dad will love the excitement of the races and the fresh air. The races are at the Big Sky Speedway at mile marker 16 on Highway 87 North.  Gates open at 10am, no coolers are allowed, concessions will be available.  Bring your lawn chairs and get ready for some fun.

Tickets are $12 with kids 15 and under getting free. Right now you can save $4 per ticket by buying online at seizethedeal.com. Give dad a fun gift this Father's Day, give him tickets to the Magic City 4X$ Tough Truck Races Saturday, June 27th and the Big Sky Speedway, he'll love it  and it's something the whole family can enjoy. As we have been shopping around for ideas, I wondered what the most common gifts for father's day were and here's what I found courtesy of marketwatch.com.

  • An electronic gadget, such as a tablet or GPS
  • Clothing
  • Gift cards or gift certificates
  • Home improvement and gardening tools
  • Sporting goods
  • Personal care items
  • Automotive accessories

What are you giving your dad this year?

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