It's funny how the times change.

Years ago, when kids grew up they all tended to stay close to home. I don't know if that thought even crosses their minds anymore. It's all about a new life and a new adventure.

When I think of my mom and dad's families, they all stayed close to home to work and raise their families. Between them, there were 10 brothers and sisters and they all stayed in the area except two who left after the war and their spouses were from other states. If you are fortunate enough now to even have your kids within a one-day ride, consider yourself lucky.

Work availability could play a part.

Another factor now is the fact that so many can work from home and can live in any place they choose. Great weather, great recreational opportunities, and great nightlife sometimes will trump family. It also depends on your career, as well, because of opportunities elsewhere that we just don't have here in Montana.

They're not the only ones.

I can't blame them, we all want to spread our wings and see what's out there. In fact, I did the same thing. I packed up and left Cincinnati in 1979 to see what lay ahead in Montana and have called this place home ever since. It worked out well for me, but I imagine that it left a void in my parents' lives just like my kids being gone has left in mine.

On the positive side.

It is a lot easier to travel now, so that's a plus. Also, that futuristic thing we all learned about in school where someday you'd actually be able to see the person you talking with came true...that helps too.

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