We've been talking about the same topic for two months and are quite sick of it. So, I pick up the old iPhone and see what picture I could post with a little "positive" in it.

To the surprise of no one, it's a golf selfie. Shocked face emoji. Heart emoji. A second heat emoji. Emoji wearing sunglasses.

We had a little wait while the group in front of us was playing for big money. That had to be the case because not one of those four old-timers got to "just pick it up" even once all day.

I also am not usually on number 11 fairway when I hit my driver. If such stats were available on my playing at Pryor Creek, I'm quite sure that this is the fairway that I've been on the least. And that branch on number 4 (which was recently removed) is the object that I've hit the most.

The number of golf balls, both lost and found, has to be closing in on a thousand. If all of my "golf cart miles" had been on one golf cart, I'd be on my 5th or 6th one most likely.

But now that my daughter golfs, it's something that we can do together for the rest of my days. I'm really enjoying telling her about my Grandpa Les and Great Uncle Tommy, who went to the trouble of picking me up and making sure that I had all the equipment to play golf.

I've played more courses than I can count and played with more golfers than I could possibly remember. I can't wait to play again. Today.

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