If you didn't hear over the weekend Bob Dole died at the age of 98. A true American hero from the Greatest Generation died after battling cancer for about a year. After being severely wounded in World War 2 they said he would never walk again. Well, he proved them wrong although he did lose the use of his right arm.

These were a different breed of men, that we were so lucky to have at the right time. Tomorrow is December 7th, It's the 80 anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and every year those who were there are trying to get back to pay homage to their fallen comrades. 101-year old David Russel of Oregon will be there, one of only a few survivors from the USS Oklahoma. After being torpedoed and capsizing he had to use a rope to get to the nearby USS Maryland to survive. How lucky we were to have those young men

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Now in 2021, there are only about Two Hundred thousand of them left. We lose about a thousand a week now and it won't be long till they are all gone.I plan someday to get to Hawaii and honor all of those great men with a visit to Pearl. That's the least I can do to say thank you for giving me the opportunities that I have today.

In fact, that's why I am eternally grateful to ALL who have served their country at one point or another. I  would love to get a hold of the T-shirt that says U S A on the top in big bold letters then underneath has "Undefeated in World Wars"

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