Man time flies, here it is Thanksgiving already and I was just thinking, I wonder how many of these we have left before political correctness kicks in. The fact that the pilgrims landed in this country 400 years ago and are celebrated will no doubt come to an end.

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In fact, all holidays would be threatened if it wasn't for the paid vacation days related to them. Columbus day celebrations have all but been eliminated and it is often absent from school curriculums. Presidents Day is another one because of the history of Lincoln and Washington. Biden is President even though he has a questionable past on segregation.

Memorial day will also come under fire soon because of all the atrocities that happened during the past wars that we have had Presidents apologize for. How about Independence day? Wait till the progressives in Washington get their hands on that one. Then of course there is Christmas where we force religious beliefs on people and tell made-up stories about the birth of Jesus.

As ridiculous as this sounds it gets closer and closer each day. Well, I for one will continue to celebrate all the holidays and be thankful for all the things this country has given me. If it's so bad why are so many people trying to get here and no one wants to leave?

I'm thankful every day that I get to wake up in the U.S. and Montana and still have at least some freedoms, but we are losing them right and left. I hope all of you have a GREAT THANKSGIVING. Celebrate it and enjoy it before it's gone.

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