I just happen to look at the classified ads today and I am constantly surprised by how much people will pay for puppies. If you look, you'll see some of these dogs go for $3,500 dollars apiece. For a puppy. You folks all know I'm a dog lover. I put $14,000 dollars into a dog to save his leg so here's the question: how much is too much?

I know people that won't pay $3,000 dollars for a bull much less a dog. I've even heard stories from people that pay thousands and thousands for a cat. In Montana, horses are king, and people will pay thousands and even tens of thousands for a particular horse. I don't know how much parakeets or snakes cost, pot-bellied pigs either, but I would imagine there is no limit there either.

So, if people are willing to put all that money out for the pet they want, just imagine how much they would be willing to spend for a unique and one-of-a-kind dog house. That's why I think our Dog House Parade will be huge if we can get the 25 houses needed. We are currently at 15 so if we can get ten more we're in. We currently have some great builders, design companies, cabinet makers, etc who have signed on. Remember, this is about bragging rights too, for the competitors, so jump in and let's put this thing together for the fall. Just think, you could have an air-conditioned dog house for your $3,500 dollar dog. You want to make sure that thing lives a long time. We'll give you an update tomorrow, so stay cool and we'll see ya back here at 5.

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