OK. It's not a Thanksgiving story. It's a Christmas story. And it was the best Christmas of my grown-up life.

My girlfriend at the time and I had built a house together. We moved in during the summertime. And we were talking about what we were going to do for Christmas that year. I had always returned to Great Falls every year. I knew that my being home on December 25th was important to my folks, so I always managed to be there.

But now that I was in a new house, I wanted to host the holiday for a change. So I invited all the members of my fractured family. Mom and her boyfriend, Dad and my stepmom, my sister and her two daughters, and my brother. And it was awesome.

My folks had divorced when I was 11. And I had always wanted to have one more Christmas together.

Mom and dad told stories about when they were married. Including the Christmas when they were trying to flock their own tree. Harsh words were exchanged and dad flocked mom. True story.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

As things transpired and I've lost family members, I am very appreciative that we did Christmas that year. I still have the memories of some fierce games of dominos, gin rummy, and one last pillow fight with my sister.

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Christmas is different in our family now. Nobody does all the work that goes with making a turkey dinner for everybody. And I don't have to be home on any specific date. Because I'm done driving on icy roads. I'll go when I can set the cruise control and not have to worry about sliding off somewhere.


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